Massage therapy is a valuable, inexpensive way of providing pain management, especially if you suffer chronic pain.

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Medical Doctors and Chiropractors in Georgia Working Together to give Pain Relief, Chiropractors in Canton Georgia.

Imagine one pain treatment clinic where you can get pain relief by both a medical doctor and chiropractor in one visit. Our unique team approach makes Georgia Medical Treatment Centers your best solution for pain treatment that works. Your life can return to normal with a combined pain relief plan involving the care of our medical doctor, our chiropractic treatments, massage therapy plus physical therapy where proper exercise helps your body heal.

Our state-of-the-art equipment will help diagnose any issue you have.

Some of the pain relief treatments your medical doctor and chiropractor may recommend for you include…

Spinal Decompression – You comfortably rest on a table as a computer-controlled machine gradually stretches your spine to give you pain relief.

Chiropractic adjustment – Our expert chiropractor applies just-right manipulation of your joints and bones to treat your back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, elbow pain, wrist pain, hip pain, knee pain or foot pain.

Pain relief injection – Our medical doctor has many kinds of injection that can provide rapid pain relief.

H-Wave electrostimulation – Relax comfortably on a table while our H-Wave Machine stimulates muscles to relieve pain.

Massage Therapy – Our staff are expertly trained in methods of relieving your muscle with massage.

Our doctor’s and chiropractor’s reputations for providing effective pain relief is why patients travel to Georgia Medical Treatment Centers from as far away as North Carolina, Chattanooga, and all counties in north and northwest Georgia.